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偶尔 ǒuěr occasionally
夜深人静 yèshēnrénjìng the dead of the night
回忆 huíyì recollection
重叠 zhòngdié overlapping
zhè shì wǒmen fēnkāi hòu de dì sì ge niántóu ,hǎo jiǔ méi tīng dào nǐ de xiāoxi le ,nǐ guò de hǎo ma ?
This is the fourth year since we parted ways, it's been so long since I've heard news of you. Are you doing OK?
qíshí wǒ yǐjīng méiyǒu nàme xiǎng nǐ le ,zhǐshì ǒuěr ,hěn ǒuěr de ,huì zài yèshēnrénjìng shí xiǎng qǐ nǐ ,xiǎng wǒmen zàiyìqǐ de shíguāng 。
Actually I don't miss you so much anymore, only once in a while, quite rarely. Sometimes in the quiet of the early hours I'll think of you and think back on the time we spent together.
mǒuxiē huíyì ,huì zài kàn dào yìxiē hé guòqù chóngdié de xìjié shí ,rú zǒumǎdēng bān duànduànxùxù de chóngbō 。
Certain memories will replay in my mind intermittently like a carousel lamp when I see some little details.
yǒushí shì yì zhāng zhàopiàn ,yǒushí shì yì shǒu gē ,yǒushí shì shìxiàn muòduān de huàmiàn ,yǒushí shènzhì zhǐshì yí ge yǎnshén ,tāmen dōuhuì bī wǒ huíqu kàn ,kàn wǒ shīqù de dōngxi ,nà liànliànbùshě de àiqíng 。
Sometimes it is photographs, sometimes it's a song, sometimes it's the scene in the distance, or sometimes it's just an expression. They all force me to go back, to regard what I've lost, the love which is hard to leave behind.
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