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恐怖电影 Scary Movie

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ID: 2901 Advanced
人生来就对神秘世界有一定的好奇心,同时也带着不同程度的恐惧感,说起鬼,每个人都有一套自己的心得,但是不同文化对“妖魔鬼怪”的想象其实是有些不同的,今天的讨论要让你知道什么是真正的恐怖! Photo by Rain Rannu
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吓晕 xiàyūn to scare
腿软 tuǐruǎn for one's legs to go weak
聊斋 liáozhāi Dark Tales (Hong Kong drama based on classic)
封神榜 fēngshénbǎng The Investiture of the Gods (Mainland Chinese drama based on classic)
jīntiān kàn le yī bù kǒngbù diànyǐng ,kuài bǎ wǒ xià yūn le ,wǎnshang dōu bùgǎn yī gè rén qù cèsuǒ le 。
I saw a horror film today. It almost made me pass out from terror. I'm not going to be able to go to the toilet alone tonight.
shì shénme kǒngbù diànyǐng ā ,shuō chūlai ràng wǒ yě qù gǎnshòu yīxià 。
What horror film was it, give me an idea of it.
bié wèn wǒ tā de míngzi ,wǒ gǎnjué yī shuō chū míngzi jiù tuǐ ruǎn 。
Don't ask me the name, my knees will buckle at just saying the name.
yǒu zhème kuāzhāng ma ?wǒmen cóngxiǎodàodà kàn de kǒngbùpiānr hái shǎo ma ?
Was it really that scary? Haven't we seen a lot of horror films growing up?
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