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强买强卖?3D 眼镜

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ID: 4567 Upper Intermediate
Should cinemas supply 3D glasses free of charge? 现在越来越多的电影院已经不再为消费者提供免费的3D眼镜了。可是消费者究竟应不应该自己为3D眼镜买单呢?这样的举措究竟是环保,还是强制消费?来听听今天的讨论吧。
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nǐ zěnme qǔ piào qǔ le nàme jiǔ ya ,wǒ děng de huāérdōuxièle 。
What took you so long to pick up the tickets, I waited so long that the flowers have wilted (meaning you waited a long time).
gāng qǔ wán ,gōngzuòrényuán piānyào ràng wǒ mǎi yǎnjìng ,shuō xiànzài yǐjīng bù miǎnfèi tígōng le 。
Just as I picked up the tickets the staff insisted I buy 3D glasses, saying that it is not available for free now.
yòu méiyǒu tíqián tíxǐng yào zìdài yǎnjìng ,xiànzài diànyǐngyuàn dōu nàme guòfèn de ma ?
There was no reminder to bring your own glasses beforehand, are cinemas too much now?
wǒ jiùshì juéde zhè shì zài qiǎolìmíngmù ,zhàngzhe rén yǐjīng dào zhèlǐ le ,rúguǒ bù mǎi jiù kàn bùliǎo diànyǐng 。jiù xiàng mǎi zhēnzhūnǎichá bù gěi xīguǎn yīyàng guòfèn 。
I think this is a clever way to get people to buy the glasses taking advantage that you’re already there and can’t watch the movie without the glasses. It like buying bubble milk tea but without providing a straw.
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