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大热天 dàrètiān a very hot day
书展 shūzhǎn book fair, book exhibition
出乎意料 chūhūyìliào to exceed expectations
书海 shūhǎi a large collection of books
méixiǎngdào dàrètiān de jìngrán hái yǒu zhème duō rén lái guàng shūzhǎn ā !zhēn shì chūhūyìliào !
I never thought there'd be so many people at the book fair on such a hot day! It's really unexpected!
jiùshì ā ,nǐ kàn zhè nǎ shì shūhǎi ,míngmíng jiùshì rénhǎi ma !kànlai dàjiā háishì dǐdǎngbùzhù “shūxiāng ”de yòuhuò ā !
For sure! Look around. Where is there a sea of books? It's just a sea of people! It looks like everyone is still unable to resist the temptation of literature!
wǒ ài dúshū ,wǒ ài shēnghuó ”,ng4 ,zhè ge zhǔtí zhēn bùcuò !āi ,pàngjiě ,nǐ píngshí dōu ài kàn xiē shénme shū ā ?
“I love to read books. I love life.”; Yeah, this title is really good. Hey, Chubby Sis, what books do you usually like to read?
wǒ ā ……
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