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小鸡哔哔 The Chicken Song

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ID: 2990 Intermediate
Today's lesson is all about "brain-washing" songs. The kind of thing that once you've listened to them once, you can't get them out of your head. This one is all about the noises that farmyard animals say, similar to "Old McDonald had a farm." To watch the clip heard in today's lesson, you can click here. Photo by andrein
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幼稚 yòuzhì immature; childish
上瘾 shàngyǐn to be addicted
旋律 xuánlǜ melody
脑子 nǎozi brain
nǐ zài tīng shénme ?hēnghēnghāhā hái xiào de zhème kāixīn ?
What are you listening to? All that murmuring and giggling. What's got you laughing so hard?
nǐ bù zhīdào zuìjìn wǎngshàng liúxíng de xǐnǎogē ,xiǎojī bībī ?
You don't know the earworm of a song that is circulating online? Xiao Gi Bi Bi?
xiǎo jī bībī ?tīng qǐlai hǎo yòuzhì ,yǒu shénme hǎotīng de ?
Xiao Gi Bi Bi? It sounds so childish. What's so good about it?
jiùshì hǎotīng zài tā yòuzhì ā ,érqiě zhǐyào tīng yīcì jiù huì shàngyǐn ,nàge xuánlǜ zài nǎozi lǐ jiùshì shuǎi bu diào 。
It's good because it's childish. You'll get hooked on your first listen. You'll not be able to get the melody out of your head.
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