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断子绝孙 duànzǐjuésūn to be without heirs
享福 xiǎngfú to enjoy one's life
时辰 shíchen time
紫禁城 Zǐjìnchéng Forbidden City
lǎotiānyě ā ,jīntiān wǒ Dǒng Jiā yào duànzǐjuésūn le !wǒ jiù zhè yī ge érzi ,nǐ yǐhòu kě yào bǎoyòu tā !érzi ,nǐ bié guài niáng ,niáng zhè shì wèi nǐ hǎo !
Oh Lord, the Dong family won't have any heirs after today! I only have this son-- in the future, you'll have to protect him! Don't blame your mother, my son! Momma did this for your own good!
xíng le ,nǐ bié kū le 。nǐ érzi gēn wǒ jìn gōng ,wǒ bǎozhèng xiàng qīn érzi yíyàng dài tā !érqiě ,jìn gōng yǐhòu tā jiùshì huángshàng shēnbiān de rén le ,xiǎngfú hái láibují ne !kěndìng bǐ zài jiā guò de rìzi hǎo !
That's enough. Stop crying. When your son enters the palace with me, I promise to treat him as I would my own blood relative. Plus, he'll be right at the Emperor's side. He'll be living a life of comfort and happiness in no time at all! He'll definitely live better than he would've been at home!
Chǔ gōnggong ,shíchen dào le 。
Grandpa Chu, the time has come.
hǎo 。dòngzuò yào kuài ,bié ràng háizi nào 。hái yǒu shāngkǒu yào chǔlǐ hǎo ,bùnéng zài lùshang liúxià yī dī xiě !
Good. The action should be quick. Don't let the child make a fuss. And you have to take good care of the wound. Don't let him lose a single drop of blood!
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