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ID: 4308 Upper Intermediate
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应有尽有 yīngyǒujìnyǒu to have all one needs
无所不在 wúsuǒbùzài omnipresent
博大精深 bódàjīngshēn wide-ranging and profound
数不胜数 shǔbùshèngshǔ too many to count (idiom)
rúguǒ wǒ xiǎng zhǔfàn ,chāoshì jiù huì bǎ xīnxiān de shícái sòng dào wǒ jiā ,tāmen sòng de dōngxi bāokuò shūcài 、ròulèi 、hǎixiān ,zhǐyào nǐ néng xiǎngdào de yīngyǒujìnyǒu 。
If I want to cook, the delivery people will deliver fresh groceries to my house. What they deliver includes vegetables, meat, seafood and anything you can think of.
zhè jiā gòuwùzhōngxīn yīngyǒujìnyǒu 。xiǎngyào mǎi shénme ,jiù yǒu shénme 。yǒu shūcài 、shuǐguǒ 、míngpái ,háiyǒu gèzhǒng bùtóng de shāngpǐn 。
This shopping mall has everything that one expects to find. You name it, you have it. They have vegetables, fruits, branded goods and lots of other things.
wàisòng de jīngjì móshì zài Zhōngguó gè dàchéngshì wúsuǒbùzài ,xiàngshì Hángzhōu 、Sūzhōu 、Shànghǎi 、Běijīng ,fēicháng duō rén shǐyòng wàisòng de píngtái 。
You can see economic models of delivery service everywhere in big cities in China, such as Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. There are many people using delivery service platforms.
zài zhège kējì fēisù fāzhǎn de shídài ,wǎnglù zhēnde shì wúsuǒbùzài 、wúsuǒbùnéng 。
In this era where technology is growing rapidly, the Internet is everywhere and does everything.
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