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ID: 2614 Advanced
古时候学问高的人地位就高,在现代社会,人们对读书人似乎不一定有那么大的信心与期望了。学历高,有知识的人就应该做领导人吗?我们借由 “学而优则仕” 这句成语来讨论自古至今华人对读书人,对商人的一些看法以及对“成功”这条路的一些期望。
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家伙 jiāhuo guy (may have negative connotations)
行政 xíngzhèng administrative
相关 xiāngguān related
董事长 dǒngshìzhǎng chairman of the board
kàn !zhè jiāhuo jìngrán zhēnde xuǎn shàng le !
Look! This guy actually got elected!
piào kāiwán la ?wǒ jiù gēn nǐ shuō tā huì xuǎnshàng ba 。
The votes have been counted have they? I told you he would win.
kěshì ,tā wánquán méiyǒu xíngzhèng jīngyàn ,yěméiyǒu xiāngguān bèijǐng ,zhèyàng néng zuò dé liao 3 dǒngshìzhǎng ma ?
But, he has absolutely no administrative experience, nor does he have a relevant background. Can someone like this be the chairman of the board?
zhèngshì yīnwèi méiyǒu rènhé bèijǐng ,gǔdōng jiù juéde tā bù huì gēn nàxiē lǎohúlí tóngliúhéwū ā 。
It's exactly because he doesn't have any 'background'. The shareholders don't think that he'll get involved with those old foxes and follow their lead.
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