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ID: 4199 Advanced
Learn how to use 相当 and useful metaphors such as 硬骨头, 啃不下来, 螺丝钉, 敲门砖, 领头羊 in a business conversation! 中文是善用比喻的语言,有时比喻隐藏在句子中,我们把它称为“暗喻”。让我们来看一看在商业场合如何灵活地使用比喻吧!
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销售 xiāoshòu to sell; to market; sales (representative, agreement etc)
相当 xiāngdāng equivalent to; appropriate; considerably
功劳 gōngláo contribution; meritorious service; credit
螺丝钉 luósīdīng screw
xiǎoliú ,nǐ zhè cì miànxiàng xīnán dìqū de xiāoshòu gōngzuò tuījìn de xiāngdāng bùcuò ya 。
Xiao Liu, the sales progress from your work in the southwest region has been quite good.
nǎlǐ shì wǒ de gōngláo ,háishi yào gǎnxiè nín de xìnrèn
The credit is not all mine, its your trust in me that I’ve to thank.
xīnán dìqū shì kuài yìng gǔtou ,yàobushì nǐ xià de gōngfū jù ,wǒmen kěnéng hái zhēnshi kěn bù xiàlai ne 。
The southwest region is a difficult region, if not for your time and effort we would not have taken down this region.
wǒ bùguò shì yī kē xiǎoxiǎo de luósīdīng bàle ,shì gōngsī de zhànlu:è zhìdìng de hǎo
I’m just a small fry, it’s the company’s strategy that is well formulated.
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