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鬼门关 guǐménguān ghost door; to door to the underworld
黄泉路 huángquánlù yellow spring path (the road to the underworld)
孟婆汤 mèngpótāng Mengpo soup (a soup brewed by Mengpo the deity gatekeeper of the underworld which makes people forget their former lives)
前世今生 qiánshì jīnshēng this current incarnation
niánqīngrén ,yào bú yào hē yì wǎn tāng ā ?
Young man, do you want a bowl of soup?
pópo ,nǐ shì shéi ?zhèlǐ shì nǎli ?
Who are you, ma'am? Where is this?
nǐ gānggāng jīngguò le le guǐménguān ,zǒu wán le huángquánlù ,nǐ xiànzài zhīdào nǐ zài nǎli le ma ?
You've come through the gate between the living and the dead and walked the long road into the underworld. Do you understand where you are now?
wǒ yǐjīng sǐ le ma ?zěnme kěnéng ?xiǎoxiāng ne ?nǐ gàosu wǒ tā hái huó zhe zhe !
I'm dead? How is that possible? What about Xiaoxiang? Tell me she's still alive!
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