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攻城拔寨 gōngchéngbázhài take the cities and conquer the enemies
小敌之坚,大敌之擒也 xiǎodízhījiāndàdízhīqínyě No matter how stubbornly a small force may fight, it must in the end succumb to greater strength and fall captive to it.
百战百胜 bǎizhànbǎishèng to emerge victorious in every battle
Sūnzǐ yuē :fú yòngbīng zhī fǎ ,quán guó wéishàng ,pò guó cìzhī ,quán jūn wéishàng ,pò jūn cìzhī ;quán lǚ wéishàng ,pò lǚ cìzhī ;quán zú wéishàng ,pò zú cìzhī ;quán wǔ wéishàng ,pò wǔ cìzhī 。
Sun Tzu said: deployment of the army is based on the country, the entire army and their smaller battalions being placed first while battle is second best choice.
shìgù bǎizhànbǎishèng ,fēi shànzhīshàn zhě yě ;bùzhàn ér qū rén zhī bīng ,shànzhīshàn zhě yě 。
Winning every war is not the best solution but not warring yet able to make your enemy surrender is the best way.
gù shànyòng bīng zhě ,qū rén zhī bīng ér Fēi zhàn yě ,bá rén zhī chéng ér fēi gōng yě ,huǐ rén zhī guó ér Fēi jiǔ yě ,bì yǐ quán zhēng yú tiānxià 。
Well use of the army is to defeat the enemy and take down the city without going into battle. Complete destruction of the enemy’s country is not a long term solution rather to seek a comprehensive solution.
gù bīng bù dùn ér lì kě quán ,cǐ móugōng zhī fǎ yě 。
The tactic of army use is to ensure it is not exhausted.
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