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ID: 4673 Advanced
孙子兵法的《作战篇》中有一个特别有名的句子:“食敌一钟,当吾二十钟”,“钟”在这里是一个计算粮食的单位。这句话的意思是,吃敌人的一钟粮食,就相当于吃自己的二十钟粮食。这是为什么呢?你可以今天的课程里找到答案! 这节课我们一起来研究《作战篇》的节选,看看孙子关于战争的“成本”有哪些理解!
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兵马未动,粮草先行 bīngmǎwèidòng,liángcǎoxiānxíng before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom); logistics comes before military moves
慎战,速战,不战 shènzhànsùzhànbúzhàn to fight a cautious war, to fight a quick war, not to raise a war
guì precious
Sūnzǐ yuē :fán yòngbīng zhī fǎ ,chíchē qiān sì ,géchē qiān shèng ,dàijiǎ shíwàn ,qiānlǐ kuì liáng 。
Sun tzu said: To mobilize an army, we need light and heavy vehicles of 1000 each, 100,000 soldiers, food and necessities.
shàn yòngbīng zhě ,yì bùzài jí ,liáng bù sǎnzài ;qǔ yòngyú guó ,yīn liáng yú dí ,gù jūnshí kě zú yě 。
Know how to use the army without having to add more soldiers and food; arrange for the transportation of food and necessities once and seize these from the enemy to save our own inventory.
gù bīng guì shèng ,bù guì jiǔ 。
A swift win to a war is key.
gù zhī bīng zhī jiàng Mín zhī sī mìng ,guójiā ānwēi zhī zhǔ yě 。
A general who values the lives of his soldiers and citizens have the country’s interest as his priority.
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