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大闸蟹 Chinese Mitten Crab

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ID: 2980 Advanced
吃当季、当地的食物可不是现代人的专利,中国自古就有讲究“当令”食材的传统,按着大自然中万物熟成的规律,才能品尝到食材的最佳风味。现在正是入秋时分,来听听秋天该吃什么才最道地吧! Photo by insatiablemunch
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入秋 rùqiū for Autumn to come
妥妥 tuǒtuǒ appropriate; suitable
极致 jízhì ultimate
打击 dǎjī to attack
rù qiū le nǐ zěnme háizài hē píjiǔ ā ?
It's already Autumn, why are you still drinking beer?
hēi ,qiáo nǐ shuō de ,píjiǔ pèi zhájī bùshì tuǒtuǒde jízhì xiǎngshòu ma ?
Hey, what are you saying. Isn't beer and fried chicken just the perfect combination?
bùshì wǒ dǎjī nǐ ā ,zhè nǐ jiù tài rènxìng le ,chīhē wǒmen yě děi jiǎngjiu gè pǐnwèi ,“yìngjǐng ”,“yìngjǐng ”nǐ tīngshuō guo guò ma ?
I'm not attacking you. You're so headstrong. With food it's necessary to pay special attention to a connection to the local environment and the season. Have you heard of this kind of idea?
chī gè dōngxi hái zhème fùzá 。nǐ dào shì gěi shuōdào shuōdào ,zhè chīhē yào zěnme jiǎngjiu “yìngjǐng ”。
Is eating food so complicated? So tell me, how do you pay special attention to the local environment and season in what you eat and drink.
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