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扫墓 sǎomù to sweep a tomb
纸钱 zhǐqián joss paper (ghost money)
xiāng incense
to stew in soy sauce and spices
shúyī ,xiàwǔ yào qù sǎomù ,dōngxi dōu zhǔnbèi hǎo hǎo le méi ?
Shuyi, this afternoon we have to go tomb sweeping, have you got all the stuff ready?
dōu mǎi le ,zǎoshang qù càichǎng mǎi le shuǐguǒ 、zhǐqián 、xiāng 、háiyǒu huā ,wǒ zuótiān lǔ le bà shēngqián zuìài chī de niújiàn ,zhèngzài qiē ne ,yīhuǐr zhuāng hǎo jiù kěyǐ zǒu le ,zǎo qù zǎo huí yě hǎo 。
Yes, I bought everything. I went to the market this morning to buy fruit, joss paper, incense and flowers. Yesterday I stewed a shank of beef just like dad used to like when he was alive. I'm cutting it right now. I'll pack it up and then we can go. The sooner we go the sooner we can come back.
suǒyǐ wǒmen chàbuduō yào chūfā le ,shìma ?
So we're more or less ready to leave, yes?
duì ,fǎnzhèng jiù wǒmen liǎng gè ,zǎoshang de shìqing yě dōu bàn wán le ,jiù zǎodiǎn zǒu ba 。
Yes, it's just us two anyway. If we've gotten everything out of the way this morning, let's go a bit earlier.
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