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双方 shuāngfāng bilateral, both parties
户籍 hùjí permanent residence
推行 tuīxíng to implement
门缝 ménfèng the crack made by opening a door slightly
lǎopó ,nǐ kàn xīnwén méi ,cóng sānyuè yīrì qǐ ,Shànghǎi “dāndúèrtāi ”zhèngcè jiù kāishǐ shíshī le 。
Honey, did you see the news? From March 1st, Shanghai's “two children for only children” policy will start to be implemented.
zǎo zhīdào la ,fūqī shuāngfāng zhǐyào yǒu yīfāng shì dúshēngzǐnǚ ,érqiě yǒu yīfāng shì Shànghǎi hùjí jiù kěyǐ shēnqǐng shēng dìèr gè háizi le 。
I've known about that for a while. In a couple, as long as one of the parties is an only child and one of them has Shanghai residency then they can apply to have a second child.
jìhuàshēngyù tuīxíng le sānshí nián ,xiànzài zhōngyú dǎkāi yī tiáo ménfèng le 。
Reproductive planning has been going on for thirty years. Now there's finally a crack in it.
xiànzài Zhōngguó shèhuì lǎolínghuà yuèláiyuè yánzhòng ,fàngkāi “dāndúèrtāi ”yě shì wèile huǎnjiě rénkǒu lǎolínghuà dàilái de wēijī 。
Nowadays the aging of Chinese society is becoming more and more serious. Allowing the “two children for only children” program is for the sake of slowing the crisis that population aging brings.
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