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剩女 The "Leftover" Women

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ID: 2800 Advanced
晚婚虽然是现代社会普遍的现象,但许多关于结婚的传统观念仍存留在人们心中,新旧观念的冲击下,晚婚的女性往往要面对更多的挑战,既想追求自己的理想,又又结婚年龄的压力,于是“剩女”、“败犬”这类的新词汇一一出现,女孩子如何面对被婚恋市场“剩下来”的情况并调适自己的心态就变得很重要,今天就来听听两个女孩子怎么看待成为“剩女”这件事。 Photo credit: the.mutator
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hēi !zěnmeyàng ?kàn qǐlái yǒu xīnshì ā ,qíngxù bù gāo ma 。
Hey! What's up? It looks like you've got something on your mind and that you're not in high spirits.
hāi ,bié tí le ,zhěnggè jiàqī dōu guò de bù jìnxīng 。
Hi, don't bring it up. I wasn't really able to enjoy myself for the whole holiday.
shénme shìr ā ?
What happened?
hái bù jiùshì bèi jiālǐ bàmā ,zhǎngbèi ,sāngūliùpó de ,cuī zhe jiéhūn de shìr 。
It's just that my parents, the older members of my family and aunties are all pressuring me about marriage.
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