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别来无恙 I Trust You've Been Well

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ID: 2926 Advanced
婚礼是现代人最熟悉的一种社交场合,如果是老同学的婚礼,那跟同学会也就差不多了,这种时候,往往会遇到十几年,甚至几十年没见的朋友,也不乏认识新朋友的机会,让我们一起来听听他们说些什么吧! Photo by Katsu Nojiri
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久违 jiǔwéi long time no see
别来无恙 biéláiwúyàng to hope someone has been well
老实 lǎoshi honest
体制内 tǐzhì nèi in the government; in the system
āiyōu ,zhè bùshì wǒmen lǎo bānzhǎng ma ?jiǔwéi jiǔwéi ,zhè bìyè shíjǐ nián méi jiàn le ba ,biéláiwúyàng ā !
Hey, well if it isn't that my old class president! It's been such a long time. We haven't met in the decade or so since graduation, no? I trust you've been doing well!
biéláiwúyàng 、biéláiwúyàng ,wǒ ā jiù lǎolǎoshíshi tǐzhì nèi dāizhe ,ānānfènfen zuò gè xiǎo gōngwùyuán ,wǒmen Hè zǒng ne ,zài nǎr gāojiù ?
I hope you've been well too, I myself have been just been pushing papers in the system, with a secure job as a minor civil servant. What about you, He Xiao, where do you work?
hāi ,háibùshì xiǎngyìng guójiā hàozhào xiàhǎi jīngshāng ,zìzhǔ chuàngyè qù le 。
Hey, I've responded to the government calls to take up trade and set up my own business.
zhè hángdang shìhé nín ā ,gǎn chuàngxīn 、yǒu pòlì tóunǎo yòu zhuàn de kuài !zuò shēngyi zhènghǎo !
That kind of career suits you very well. Given your courage in innovation, along with your drive, brains and adaptability, you're perfectly suited to doing business!
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