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穿不上 chuān bù shàng to be unable to fit into
好吃懒做 hàochīlǎnzuò lazy
节食 jiéshí to go on a diet
减肥药 jiǎnféi yào diet pills
wǒ kě zěnme bàn a ,yòu pàng le ,shàng ge yuè mǎi de yīfu xiànzài jiù chuān bù shàng le !
Agh, what am I supposed to do? I've gotten fat again! I can't even fit into the clothes I bought last month!
āi ,wǒ yě yíyàng ,hē liángshuǐ dōu néng zhǎngròu !xiàng wǒmen zhème hàochīlǎnzuò de ,yùndòng hé jiéshí kěndìng jiānchí bùliǎo ,yàobu wǒmen chī jiǎnféi yào ba ?
Oh, same here. I get fat just drinking cold water. Lazy food-lovers like us definitely can't keep to a diet or exercise regimen. How about we take some weight-loss medicine?
hǎoā !hǎoā !chī jiǎnféi yào ,jiǎn de kuài !wǒmen gǎnjǐn chá cha 。chūlái le !ǎ ?jiǎnféi yào yě fēn zhème duō zhǒng a ,yǒu yìzhì shíyù de ,yǒu yìzhì zhīfáng xīshōu de ,hái yǒu jiāsù páixiè de 。nà wǒmen chī nǎ zhǒng hǎo ?
Great! If you take weight-loss drugs, you lose weight quickly. Let's hurry up and check it out. It's come up. Huh? There are so many kinds of weight-loss drugs. There are some that suppress your appetite, some that suppress your ability to absorb fat, and some that speed up your excretion. Well, which kind should we take?
zhè ge yìzhì shíyù de bù shìhé wǒmen ,méi wèi kǒu tài bù shūfu le ;nàge yìzhì zhīfáng xīshōu de ,tīng qǐlai hái bùcuò ;jiāsù páixiè de yě xíng 。
The kind that suppresses your appetite isn't right for us. Having no appetite is really uncomfortable. The one that suppresses your fat absorption sounds really good. The one that speeds up your excretion would be OK, too.
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