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气色 qìsè complexion
guǒ wrap around
照样 zhàoyàng all the same
生龙活虎 shēnglónghuóhǔ full of vigor and vitality
āi ,Xiǎoqiáng ,nǐ zhè liǎng tiān qìsè bù hǎo a !
Ah, Xiao Qiang, your complexion hasn't been so good these days.
nánfāng de tiānqì tài shī le ,shēnshàng yīdiǎn rèqì dōu méiyǒu 。
The weather in the south is too moist. My body can't heat up at all.
nǐ chuān de bù shǎo a ,guǒ de gēn ge xiǎolǎotóu yīyàng 。nǐ kàn kan Lǎo Fèi ,niánjì zhǎng nǐ shí jǐ suì ,zhàoyàng shēnglónghuóhǔ de 。
You're wearing quite a bit. Wrapped up just like a little old man. Look at Lao Fei, he's ten odd years older than you and is totally full of life.
hāhā ,jiā yǒu xiánqī ,chīhē bù chóu ma !Xiǎoqiáng ,nǐ de wèntí chū zài “chī ”shàng 。
Haha, with a good wife at home, one gets the right food and drink. Xiao Qiang, your problem is with your eating.
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