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侦查 zhēnchá reconnaissance or spy
推进 tuījìn to move forward, to push
试探 shìtàn to probe, to explore
前哨 qiánshào advance guard
sīlìng ,zhēnchá wèixīng xiǎnshì lánfāng de bùduì yǐ xiàngqián tuījìn le liǎng gōnglǐ ,bìng yǒu shù shí liàng tǎnkè yǐ cháo wǒfāng yídòng le shí gōnglǐ 。gūjì shì lánfāng de shìtàn xìng jìngōng 。
Commander, the spy satellite shows that the Blue troops have moved forward two kilometres, and there are dozens of tanks that have already moved ten kilometres toward us. I reckon it's the Blue's probing attack.
jùlí wǒfāng qiánshào zhèndì dàyuē duōjiǔ lùchéng ?
They are at approximately how long of a distance from our advance guards' position?
gēnjù mùqián de yídòng sùdù ,gūjì sānshí fēnzhōng zuǒyòu 。
According to the present speed of movement, I estimate it will be about 30 minutes.
gàosu fǎntǎnkè lián ,cóng língyīsì dìqū jìnxíng lánjié ,bìng quánlì qiānzhì zhù tāmen 。lìngwài ,wǒmen gōngchénglián dāqiáo de jìnzhǎn zěnmeyàng ?
Tell the anti-tanks company to intercept from area 014 and spare no effort to pin them down. Besides that, what is the progress of our engineering company in building the bridge?
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