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ID: 4425 Upper Intermediate
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一言难尽 yīyánnánjìn hard to explain in a few words (idiom)
本地 běndì local
地道 dìdao authentic; genuine; typical
入乡随俗 rùxiāngsuísú When you enter a village, follow the local customs (idiom); do as the natives do; When in Rome, do as the Romans do
tīngshuō nǐ zài guówài gōngzuò le ya ,zěnmeyàng ?chī de hái xíguàn ma ?
I heard you’re working abroad, how is it? Are you used to the food?
zhèbiān de xīcān shì hěn hǎochī ,dànshì Zhōngcān kě jiù yīyánnánjìn le 。
The western food here is very delicious, but the Chinese food is hard to say.
shì ma ?hé zánmen běndì de Zhōngcān yǒu shénme bùtóng ne ?
Really? What are the differences with the Chinese food back home?
suīrán wǒmen zài zhèlǐ yě néng chī dào dìdao de Zhōngcān ,dànshì dàbùfen zhōngcāntīng de kǒuwèi zé shì rùxiāngsuísú ,gēnjù běndìrén de kǒuwèi jìnxíng le gǎiliáng 。
Although we can eat authentic Chinese food here, but most Chinese restaurants have adapted to the local taste to fit in.
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