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光阴似箭 guāngyīnsìjiàn time flies like an arrow (idiom)
岁月如梭 suìyuèrúsuō time flies (idiom)
白驹过隙 báijūguòxì in the blink of an eye
久别重逢 jiǔbiéchóngféng to meet again after a long period of separation
guāngyīnsìjiàn 、suìyuèrúsuō ,ér huānlè de shíguāng ya ,gèng rú nà báijūguòxì bān ,yī yuè ér qù 。
Time flies, and good times are really fleeting, over in the blink of an eye.
yō ,zhème gǎnkǎi ā ,hé nánpéngyou jiǔbiéchóngféng ,dào le líbié shíkè yīyībùshě ?
Huh, so emotional? Did you find it hard to let go after meeting up with your boyfriend after being apart for so long?
cǐ yán chà yǐ ,ràng wǒ huíwèiwúqióng de ,shì měi yī cì yǔ miǎn shuì diàn qīnmì jiēchù ,fēngkuáng sǎo gòu de shíguāng 。
That's not it, what has me pining away is every intimate encounter with the duty-free shop, those crazy shopping sprees.
děi děi děi ,zǒuhuǒrùmó le ba ,zhēn shòubùliǎo nǐ ,miǎn shuì diàn dōu shì dàpái shēchǐpǐn ,jiàwèi kuāzhāng ,chúnshǔ pūzhānglàngfèi ,wǒ shízài shì wúfǎ gǒutóng 。
OK, OK, you're obsessed. I can't stand it anymore. Duty-free stores are all big brand luxury goods, with inflated prices, it's completely extravagant. I really can't agree with you on this.
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