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人机合一(三)Android Part 3

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In this lesson, we continue our satirical look at customer-no-service. Our author, Xiao Yao, introduces us to three more people working at a customer service counter. Her Android series illustrates modern uses of traditional phrases. Some of the words have alternate meanings than you would find in a dictionary, and some are current millennial Internet slang. 这篇文章的第三段讲述的是,作者去了某个官僚机构办理某种资格证书,在程序上没什么问题,但是总有哪里让人感到不舒服的地方,那就是他们并不进行眼神上的交流,只是很机械的问一些问题,他们彼此之间也很少交流,都不是很友好,甚至很不耐烦,这是为什么呢?,如果你设身处地为他们考虑,站在他们的角度上思考问题,就会知道为什么了。这个问题,我们会在第四部分会讲解。
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话说回来 huàshuōhuílai returning to our main topic,...; that said,...; again,...
扯远 chěyuǎn to digress; to get sidetracked; to go off on a tangent
类似 lèisì similar
前台 qiántái front desk
chěyuǎn la ,huàshuōhuílai ,wǒ tàjìn hé wǒmen jīgòu lèisì de nàzhǒng qiántái fúwù dàtīng ,
It's a long story. Anyways, I walked into the lobby, which was a lot like where I work.
rén bù duō ,bànshì qúnzhòng jiù wǒ yī ge ,qiántái shòulǐ rényuán yǒu sān ge ,sān ge rén de tàidu méishénme kěyǐ tiāoti de ,
There were few people there, and I was the only customer. There were three people behind the front desk. Their attitude was impeccable.
rúguǒ fēiyào zhǎo wèntí ,jiùshì zìshǐzhìzhōng ,méiyǒu yī ge rén ,tái qǐ tóu lái kàn wǒ yīyǎn ,
If you had to find a problem with them, it's just that from the beginning to the end, not one of them ever raised their head and looked at me.
tāmen dōu zài jǐnzhāng de dīng zhe diànnǎo ,hǎoxiàng diànnǎo lǐ yǒu shénme ràng tāmen qiānchángguàdù de shìwù ,
They all nervously stared at their computers, as if on their computers, there was something for them to worry about.
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