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人机合一(一)Android Part 1

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ID: 4089 Advanced
This lesson is a fun, satirical look at customer-no-service, which is the same in any culture. Our author, Xiao Yao, introduces us to different types of people we meet when we approach a counter needing help. Her article illustrates modern uses of traditional phrases and ends with a punch line, making digging into the text well worth the effort. So some of the words have alternate meanings than you would find in a dictionary, and some are current millennial Internet slang. 在这里跟大家分享一篇肖遥的专栏文章《人机合一》,这是发表在2017年的《三联生活周刊》上的一篇随笔,文字轻松明快,内容幽默有趣,下面,我们解析一下这篇1000字左右的文章。这篇文章,我们会分为四个部分进行解读,今天我们进行第一个部分的解读: 第一段主要讲了三种类型的办事员或公务员,老Q、小咪、小F,这三种人各自都有自己的特点:老Q是索要贿赂型,小咪是长相好,但态度不好的类型,小F惜墨如金型,他们代表了三种不负责任的公务人员,他们消极怠工,不热爱自己的工作,不愿耐心回答问询,对待顾客冷漠,还不如机器人。 第一段很容易理解,大意就是对一些官僚机构的办事效率慢,消极懈怠的工作态度,进行了生动的描述,希望我们都不要遇到这样的状况,也不要这样对待他人,希望大家都会被生活所善待,也学希望借着这篇文章我们也学会了怎么来应用这些词句。
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机构 jīgòu mechanism; structure; organization
证件 zhèngjiàn certificate; papers; credentials
种种 zhǒngzhǒng all kinds of
心灰意冷 xīnhuīyìlěng discouraged
zuótiān qù yī ge jīgòu bàn zhèngjiàn ,wǒ qù zhīqián yǐjīng zuò hǎo xīnlǐ zhǔnbèi ,nǎobǔ le zhǒngzhǒng qíngkuàng
Yesterday I went to an agency to process the documents. I was mentally prepared before I went, in my mind, I imagined several scenarios,
yùdào xiàng lǎo Q yàng shàncháng diāonàn kāiyóu de ,jiù bù hǎohǎo gěi nǐ jiěshì ,ràng nǐ bǎ tuǐ pǎo xì ,pǎo dào xīnhuīyìlěng ,yàome fàngqì bànlǐ ,yàome gěi tā sònglǐ ;
such as meeting someone like Old Q, who wouldn't take time to explain things to you, who is good at making things difficult in order to take advantage of you. He lets you run your legs off, run until you are disappointed, until you either give up or give gifts to him;
yùdào xiàng xiǎo mī yīyàng de jīqìrén ,wàixíng tiánměi ,língyálìchǐ ,tàidu bīnglěng ,bùshuō rénhuà yòng yīdà tuó chéngxùhuà yǔyán bǎ nǐ rào jìnqù ,yòng yǔyán niǎnyā nǐ de zhìshāng ,yòng biǎoqíng cìjī nǐ de shénjīng ,
Or meeting a person who is like a "robot" like Xiaomi. She has a sweet appearance, a glib tongue, a cold attitude, and she speaks nonsense, using a lot of programmed language to draw you in, and using words to crush your IQ, and using her expression to agitate your nerves.
zuìhòu ràng nǐ zìjǐ dōu bǐshì zìjǐ de lǐjiělì ,huīliūliū de tuì xià ;
In the end, you yourself despise your own understanding and back down in disgrace;
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