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好声好气 hǎoshēnghǎoqì politely; courteously
爱理不理 àilǐbùlǐ to not take notice of; standoffish
假表 jiàbiǎo holiday schedule
至于 zhìyú as to
dàgē ,nǐ yǒumeiyǒu juéde nǐ de gōngzuò tàidu hěn chà ā ?
Mate, do you think you might have quite a bad work ethic?
huì ma ?wǒ juéde hái hǎo ya 。
Really? I don't think it's that bad.
měicì kèrén hǎoshēnghǎoqì wèn nǐ shìqing ,nǐ dōu àilǐbùlǐ háiyǒu nǐ de jiàbiǎo shì zěnmehuíshì ?
Every time a customer makes a polite inquiry, you look really standoffish. And what is with your holiday schedule?
kèrén wèn de wèntí zìjǐ jiù kěyǐ chá dào ,hái lái wèn wǒ ,wǒ dāngrán bù xiǎng shuō 。zhìyú jiàbiǎo ,wǒ jiàrì hěn máng ya !
The kind of questions the customers ask they could just look up themselves, why are they asking me. Of course I don't want to talk to them. As to the holiday schedule, I'm busy on holidays!
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