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怨妇 yuànfù complaining woman
人工受孕 réngōngshòuyùn artificial pregnancy
人工授精 réngōngshòujīng artificial insemination
唠叨 láodao to nag
Xiǎo Liú ,nǐ zuìjìn zěnme gēn gè yuànfù yīyàng !
Xiao Liu, you've been like a nagging woman lately!
āi ,háibùshì shēng háizi de shìr ,wǒ pópo tiāntiān zài wǒ miànqián láodao 。
Yeah, it's still the fact that I don't have any kids. My mother-in-law nags me about it every day.
nǐ bié guǎn tā bei 。shēng bù shēng háizi shì nǐmen zìjǐ de shìqing 。
Don't pay attention to her. Whether or not you have kids is a matter between the two of you.
āi ,wèntí shì wǒmen yě xiǎng shēng a !kěshì shēng buchūlái ,wǒ yǒu shénme bànfǎ !shénme jiǎnchá dōu zuò le ,dōu shuō méiwèntí 。
Yeah. The problem is that we want to have kids! But if we can't have them, what am I supposed to do? We've done all the tests and they say that there's no problem.
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