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ID: 4202 Upper Intermediate
在生活中,我们有时会说“不要为打翻的牛奶哭泣”。有些事情确实做过以后就没有办法挽回,但是在有些情况下我们可以“亡羊补牢”来减轻不好的后果。通过关于小孩子假性近视的讨论,我们一起来学习一下这个成语吧! This lesson discusses a phenomenon across the globe - that children are diagnosed with myopia at an early age. Learn how to use the Chinese idiom 亡羊补牢 to refer to remedial actions only after things happened.
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广告 guǎnggào to advertise; a commercial; advertisement
保护 bǎohù to protect; to defend; to safeguard
视力 shìlì vision
操心 cāoxīn to worry about
zé zé zé ,gānggang zài wàimiàn kàndào guǎnggào ,shuō bǎohù shìlì yào cóng liù suì kāishǐ ,tài kuāzhāng le ba 。
Hey, I just saw an advertisement outside, stating to protect one’s eyesight from the age of six. This is an exaggeration.
zhǐ yǒu nǐ zhège bù cāoxīn de bàba cái bù zhòngshì háizi de shìlì ne ,xiànzài duōshao háizi huán méi shàng xiǎoxué jiù dài zhe yǎnjìng yī fù xiǎo xuéjiū de yàngzi 。
Only you, as the father is not worried and doesn’t pay attention to the child's vision. Nowadays many children are wearing glasses before going to elementary school. They look like elementary school scholars.
jǐnzhāng shénme ya ,wǒmen jiā háizi suí wǒ ,yíchuán le wǒ de hǎo shìlì 。
What’s the worry, our children inherited my good eyesight.
nǐ zhīdào shénme ya ,shàngcì xuéxiào tǐjiǎn yǐjīng bèi chá chūlái jiǎxìngjìnshì le 。
What do you know, a school medical examination already confirmed our child has signs of myopia.
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