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For people on the go, a one stop for you to learn Mandarin from the news! 听新闻,学中文。给脚步匆匆的你带来新鲜简讯!
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保留 bǎoliú to retain; to continue to have; to preserve
业务 yèwù business; professional work; service
占据 zhànjù to occupy
一席之地 yīxízhīdì (acknowledged) place; a role to play; niche
Yàmǎxùn Zhōngguó jiùcǐ xiàng xīnJīngbào jìzhě huífù chēng ,qí jiāng yú nián yuè rì tíngzhǐ wèi Yàmǎxùn Zhōngguó wǎngzhàn shàng de dìsānfāng màijiā tígōng màijiā fúwù ,jiāng bǎoliú Yàmǎxùn hǎiwài gòu 、Yàmǎxùn quánqiú kāidiàn 、 hé Yàmǎxùn yún jìsuàn děng yèwù 。
1: Amazon China responded to the Beijing News reporter that it will stop providing services for third-party sellers on the Amazon China website from July 18, 2019, but will retain its other businesses such as Amazon's overseas purchases, Amazon's global stores, Kindle and Amazon cloud computing.
Yàmǎxùn Zhōngguó wèi tíjí zìyíng diànshāng hé bǎoshuì cāng yèwù 。
Amazon China makes no mention of self-operated e-commerce and bonded warehouse business.
nián ,Yàmǎxùn jìnrù Zhōngguó ,bìng xùnsù zhànjù Zhōngguó diànshāng shìchǎng yīxízhīdì 。
Amazon entered China in 2004 and quickly captured a place in the Chinese e-commerce market.
dàn zài cǐhòu shǔ niánjiān ,Yàmǎxùn diànshāng yèwù miànlín shuǐtǔbùfú yǐjí Zhōngguó běntǔ diànshāng de jǐyā ,chíxù zǒu zài shōusuō de dàolù shàng ,shìchǎngfèné yě cóng diēzhì bùdào ,diànshāng yèwù bùduàn yāsuō hòu de Yàmǎxùn zài Zhōngguó hái néng zǒu duō yuǎn ?yīqiè shàng dài guānchá 。
However, in the following years, squeezed by China’s local e-commerce players, Amazon's e-commerce business began to shrink. The market share also fell from 15.4% to less than 1%. How far can Amazon go in China with it’s shrinking e-commerce business. Everything remains to be seen.
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