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ID: 2913 Advanced
作为一种艺术形式,相信无论是不是学中文的人,多少知道“书法”这个词儿,但可能很少人真正明白它作为一种实用性的活动,也就是写字,里头也包含了许许多多的文化意涵,中国人对于“字写得怎么样“是有种价值评断的,欢迎加入今天的讨论,也听听Fiona小时候,妈妈怎么要求她“写好字”。 Photo by Durán
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寒舍 hánshě humble abode
蓬荜生辉 péngbìshēnghuī Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling
毒舌 dúshé acid tongued
鄙人 bǐrén humble way to refer to oneself
huānyíng guānglín hánshě ,gèwèi de dàolái lǐng xiǎoshě péngbìshēnghuī ya !
Welcome to my humble abode, every one of you coming really brings life to my home!
hāhā ,lǎobì ya ,měicì de kāichǎngbái dōu yīyàng ,néngbùnéng huàn gè yǒudiǎnr xīnyì de ya !
Ha ha, Lao Bi, you always start with the same old words, can't you change it up with a little creativity!
nǐ ya nǐ ya ,nàme dúshé ,xiǎoxīn méi péngyou !
Oh you! With such a sharp tongue you should be careful that you don't lose all your friends!
hāhā ,shì shì ,wǒ cuò le wǒ cuò le ,èi ,nǐ zhè bǐmò zhǐ yàn wénfángsìbǎo dōu bèi qí le ,shì yào kāi gōngzuòshì ?zhèxiē zìhuà dōu shì shéi zuò de ā ?
Ha ha, yes, yes, I'm in the wrong, I'm in the wrong. Ah, you've got the four essentials for calligraphy: the pen, the ink, paper and ink stone, are you starting a workshop? Whose are all these character drawings?
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