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ID: 2804 Advanced
中美双方领导人见面是前一阵子的大新闻,除了政治、外交方面的讨论,我们也来听听市井小民对这件事的其它兴趣吧! Photo credit
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西雅图 xīyǎtú Seattle
国家主席 guójiā zhǔxí national chairman; President
网民 wǎngmín netizen
机舱 jīcāng cabin (of a plane)
Lǎo Lǐ ,zuìjìn xídàdà hé péngmāma qù xīyǎtú le èi !
Mr Li, old chum, Papa Xi and Mama Peng have gone to Seattle!
xídàdà ?shì shéi ya ?
Papa Xi? Who's that?
hā ,bùhǎoyìsi ā ,jiùshì Zhōngguó guójiā zhǔxí Xíjìnpíng ,wǒmen wǎngmín dōu ài chēng xí zhǔxí jiào xídàdà 。
Ha, sorry,it's Chinese President Xi Jinping, us netizens like to call President Xi "Papa Xi."
nàme péngmāma jiùshì xízhǔxí tàitai Pénglìyuán nǚshì lo !
So Mama Peng is President Xi's wife Madame Peng Liyuan!
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