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ID: 4279 Upper Intermediate
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入境随俗 rùjìngsuísú When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
签约 qiānyuē to sign a contract
条款 tiáokuǎn clause (of contract or law)
内容 nèiróng content
dào Zhōngguó gōngzuò yīdìng yào rùjìngsuísú 。
When working in China, you must do as the locals do.
qiānyuē yǐqián bìxū yào kàn qīngchu měi ge tiáokuǎn de nèiróng 。
You must look through all the content of the clauses before signing a contract.
guójì xuéxiào de héyuē tōngcháng shì liǎng nián ,nà tā zhǐ dāi le yī nián jiù líkāi ,zhèyàng méiyǒu wéiyuē ma ?
People generally sign a two-year contract with international schools. Did he break the contract since he only stayed for a year?
zhǐyào zài jiǎfāng hé yǐfāng dōu tóngyì de qíngkuàng zhīxià ,tāmen shì kěyǐ jiěyuē de 。
As long as Party A and Party B both agree, they can terminate the contract.
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