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中国哲学 Chinese Philosophy

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曾子说:“吾日三省吾身,為人謀而不忠乎?與朋友交而不信乎?傳不習乎?”如果你喜欢中国的成语或俗语,那你得知道,这些成语、俗语有许多来自孔子、孟子及庄子的话,换句话说,是从中国古代思想来的。这一课我们要带大家从儒家思想家的话里,更加认识中国人对个人生命价值的看法。 Photo by edenpictures, edwin11, and jou-issance
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yuē to say
emphatic particle (classical Chinese)
zǐ yuē “yǒu péng zì yuǎnfāng lái ,bù yì lè hū ?”
Confucius said, "Is it not a pleasure, when a friend comes to visit from afar?"
hā ,zěnme niàn qǐ 《Lúnyǔ 》lái le 。
Ha, why are you reciting from The Analects?
zuìjìn wǒ cái fāxiàn ,kūnrǎo wǒ xǔjiǔ de wèntí ,dōu kěyǐ zài gǔwén zhōng zhǎodào dá àn ne ,ràng wǒ huòránkāilǎng 。
Recently I discovered that I can find answers to things that have been troubling me for a while in ancient texts, which makes everything suddenly become clear.
zhèdàoshì méicuò ,gǔrén de zhìhuì zhēn shì bùkěxiǎoqù 。
That's true enough, the wisdom of the ancients is nothing to be sneezed at.
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