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乌克兰 Wūkèlán Ukraine
选手 xuǎnshǒu contestant
绕口令 ràokǒulìng tongue-twister
喇嘛 lǎma lama
hǎo ,xiàmian shàngchǎng de shì láizì Wūkèlán de wǔ hào xuǎnshǒu Āquán ,tā jiāng wèi dàjiā dàilái yī duàn jīngdiǎn de ràokǒulìng 《lǎma hé yǎba 》。zhǎngshēng yǒuqǐng !
OK, next up to the stage we have contestant number five from Ukraine, A Quan. He'll be performing a classic tongue twister for you called, "The Lama and the Mute." Please welcome him to the stage!
cóng nánbiān lái le ge lǎma ,tílā zhe wǔ jīn tǎma 。cóng běibiān lái ge yǎba ,yāo lǐ bié zhe ge lǎba ,tílā tǎma de ma ma ,ma ma ma ma ......bùhǎoyìsi !
A lama came from the south carrying five jin of sole. A mute came from the north with a trumpet tied to his waist. The ma carrying the sole, ma ma ma ma...sorry!
hāhā ,zhè xiǎozi shétóu dǎjié le !
Ha ha, the kid's tongue is all tied up!
āiyōu ,lǎomā ,zhème wúliáo tòudǐng de diànshì jiémù nǐ yě yào kàn ,zánmen huàn ge tái ba 。
Agh, mom. You're watching this extraordinarily boring of a TV show? Change the channel.
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