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积少成多 jīshǎochéngduō a little goes a long way; little by little
手中有粮,心中不慌 shǒuzhōngyǒuliáng,xīnzhōngbùhuāng as long as you have wealth, you don't worry (lit. with grain in hand, one does not despair)
贬值 biǎnzhí to devaluate
投资 tóuzī to invest
lǎobà ,nǐ qù gànmá le ,chūqù zhème jiǔ ?
Dad, where were you? You were gone for a while.
wǒ qù le tàng yínháng 。
I made a trip to the bank.
yòu qù cúnqián le ?lǎobà ,nǐ cún le bùshǎo qián le ba ?
Did you deposit money? Dad, did you deposit a lot of money?
bù duō ,jiù nà diǎn tuìxiūjīn 。měi ge yuè cún yīxiē ,jīshǎochéngduō ba 。yǒudiǎnr jīxù ,pèngdào shìqing de shíhou xīnli cái yǒudǐ 。shǒuzhōng yǒu liáng ,xīnzhōng bù huāng ma 。
Not a lot, just a bit of my pension. Every month I save a bit. A little bit here and there adds up, right? With some savings, when I run into trouble I'll have peace of mind. With a bit of grain in one's hand, one doesn't worry.
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