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中元普渡-Ghost Month

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ID: 2942 Advanced
  每年鬼月总不免要看到、想到许多相关的习俗与传说,随着社会的进步,相信鬼神之说的年轻人越来越少,但是抱着“宁可信其有、不可信其无”的心态的人还是不少,两代之间对于祭拜鬼神这个话题会有什么不同的看法呢?让我们来听听看。 Watch our video about things you shouldn't do during this month below.
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千拜托万拜托 qiānbàituō wànbàituō pretty pretty please
kěn to be willing
想得美 xiǎngdeměi to think the best of something
普渡 pǔdù crossing
mā ,gànmá mǎi nàme duō chī de dōngxi ?píngcháng wǒ qiān bàituō wàn bàituō nǐ dōu bù kěn duō mǎi yīxiē líng shí !
Mom, why did you buy so much food? Normally you never agree to buy any snacks no matter how much I beg!
nǐ yǐwéi zhè shì mǎi gěi nǐ chī de ā ?nǐ xiǎngdeměi ne !zhè shì míngtiān pǔdù yào yòng de jìpǐn 。
Did you think I bought it for you to eat? You think too well of me! These are the sacrifices for Ghost Festival tomorrow.
ā !zhōngyuán pǔdù ,nánguài zuìjìn diànshì guǎnggào shàng zhème duō zhuāngshénnòngguǐ de guǎnggào 。
Ah! Ghost Festival, no wonder recently advertisements on TV have featured so many people dressed up as ghosts and ghouls.
shénme shíhou le ,bié luànshuōhuà !shì hǎoxiōngdì !mā gàosu nǐ ,nǐ zhè ge yuè shuōhuà gěi wǒ xiǎoxīn yīdiǎn ,bié lǎoshi guǐ ya guǐ de luànshuō 。háiyǒu ,shēnshān hǎibiān nǐ yě shǎo qù !
When? Be careful what you say! We should refer to them as our "good friends"! I told you that you should be more careful with what you say this month, don't always go around saying ghost this, ghost that. Also you should stay away from mountainous areas and the seashore!
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