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靠谱 kàopǔ reliable; reasonable
chǔn foolish
二话不说 èrhuàbùshuō without a second thought
铁定 tiědìng certain; iron-cast
bù zhīdào nǐmen jiā qíngkuàng rúhé ā ,wǒjiā nà wèi wǒ suàn shì jiànshi le ,zhēn shì bù kàopǔ le ,ràng tā zuò gè fàn ba ,jiǎnzhí kěyǐ bǎ chúfáng gěi zhà le !
I don't know what things are like in your house, but I know my husband. He's really not reliable for anything. I got him to cook and he practically exploded the kitchen!
ā ,zhème yánzhòng ā ,chúfáng dōu zhà le ā ,nà nǐmen liǎ ,rén méishìr ba ?
Ah, so serious? The kitchen exploded? Then are the two of you OK?
hāi ,wǒ jiùshì kuāzhāng yīxià éryǐ ,tā rúguǒ zhēn chǔn dào bǎ chúfáng gěi zhà le ,èrhuàbùshuō ,wǒ tiědìng gēn tā lí ,bùguò wǒ kě shì zàiyěbùhuì ràng tā jìn chúfáng le 。fèi kǒushé bù shuō hái yīdùziqì 。
Hm, I was just exaggerating. If he was really stupid enough to explode the kitchen, I wouldn't hesitate to divorce him for sure, but I'll never let him into the kitchen again. I was so angry, not to mention the futile argument.
zěnmehuíshì ya ?nǐmen jiā chúfáng yǐhòu jiùshì xiánrén wù jìn de “jūnshì ”jìndì le ?
What happened? So now your kitchen has become a restricted entry military zone barring entry to civilians?
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