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ID: 4109 Advanced
We’ve heard so much about waste recycling and ways to protect the environment. Now in this lesson we listen to the news about a new recycling initiative in one of the most populated cities in the world - Shanghai. Residents in the city can now use mobile technology to request for door pickup recycling services. Let’s begin the lesson to find out how! 我们已经听说过废(經聽說過廢)物回收和保护环(護環)境的方法。现在,在本课中,我们将听(們將聽)取有关(關)世界上人口最多的城市之一 - 上海的新回收计划(計劃)的消息。该市的居民现在可以使用移动(動)技术来请(術來請)求门(門)取件回收服务(務)。让(讓)我们开(們開)始上课(課),了解具体(體)方法! Make sure to check the Practice section for the full article!
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举办 jǔbàn to conduct; to hold; to run
率先 shuàixiān to take the lead
试水 shìshuǐ test the water, implying trial
回收 huíshōu to recycle; to reclaim; to retrieve
今起两天,「二零一八年长江经济带互联网 绿色技术转移转化大会」在上海举办。
jīn qǐ liǎng tiān ,「èrlíngyībānián ChángJiāng jīngjì dài Hùliánwǎng lǜsè jìshù zhuǎnyí zhuǎnhuà dàhuì 」zài Shànghǎi jǔbàn 。
For the next 2 days, the 2018 Yangtze Economic News and Green Technology forum will be held in Shanghai.
将探讨在“互联网 ”背景下,绿色技术如何在城市垃圾资源化发挥创新性效应等主题。
jiāng tàntǎo zài “Hùliánwǎng ”bèijǐng xià ,lǜsè jìshù rúhé zài chéngshì lājī zīyuánhuà fāhuī chuàngxīnxìng xiàoyìng děng zhǔtí 。
We will explore in the context of internet, how green technologies can play an innovative role in urban waste recycling
蚂蚁金服将作为互联网 绿色技术的开发者参会,并在上海率先试水一项绿色技术——一键回收。
máyǐjīnfú jiāng zuòwéi Hùliánwǎng lǜsè jìshù de kāifāzhě cānhuì ,bìng zài Shànghǎi shuàixiān shìshuǐ yī xiàng lǜsè jìshù ——yījiàn huíshōu 。
The Ant Financial Services Group will participate in the forum as the developer linking both the internet and green technology and will take the lead to introduce a new green recycling initiative in Shanghai - one click recycling.
cóngcǐ ,Shànghǎi shìmín zài Zhīfùbǎo duān fāqǐ shàngmén huíshōu xūqiú ,jiù xiàng kuàidì shàngmén qǔjiàn yīyàng fāngbiàn 。
From now on, residents in Shanghai can use Alipay to request for home pickup recycling services, as convenient as home parcel or documents pickup.
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