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人影儿 rényǐngr a person's shadow, sign of human presence
报社 bàoshè newspaper office, press
实习 shíxí to do an internship
昏天黑地 hūntiānhēidì to be pitch-black
Xīnyǔ ,hǎo jiǔ méi jiàndào nǐ rényǐngr le ,gōngzuò zhǎo de zěnmeyàng le ?
Xinyu, I haven't seen you in forever. How's the job hunt?
bié tí le ,wǒ zài yī jiā bàoshè shíxí ,měitiān máng de hūntiānhēidì ,kě tāmen hái méiyǒu míngquè de shuō yào wǒ 。
Don't bring it up. I'm doing an internship at a newspaper. I've been burning the candle at both ends every night, but they still haven't said for sure if they want me or not.
zài jiānchí yīxià ba 。zhè jiùshì límíng qián de hēiàn 。zhǎo gōngzuò a zhǎo gōngzuò ,zhēn shì wǒmen kuà xiàng shèhuì de dì yī dào ménkǎn 。
Keep at it for a bit. This is just the darkness before the dawn. Finding a job - it really is our first step into the real world.
jùshuō yǐjīng yǒurén ná dào offer ,qiān le sānfāngxiéyì le 。
They're saying some people already got offers and signed three party employment agreements.
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