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For people on the go, a one stop for you to learn Mandarin from the news! 听新闻,学中文。给脚步匆匆的你带来新鲜简讯!
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耳目一新 ěrmùyīxīn a pleasant change; a breath of fresh air; refreshing
融合 rónghé to mix; a mixture; an amalgam; fusion
跨界 kuàjiè crossover; transboundary
前沿 qiányán front-line; forward position; outpost
jùxī ,jīnnián de “shèjì Zhōngguó Běijīng ”zài chíxù tiān de zhǎnqī zhōng ,láizì wèi zhīmíng shèjìshī de zuòpǐn ,ràng rén gǎnshòu dào ěrmùyīxīn de shìjué tǐyàn yǔ shēnghuó línggǎn ,
According to sources, the “design China Beijing” exhibition this year lasted 5 days. the works of 12 well known designers left visitors with a new and refreshing experience and inspiration.
qízhōng yòu yǐ liánlián de “shèjì zhìzào cáiliào yánjiū yìngyòng ”chuàngyì zuòpǐn zuì ràng rén nánwàng 。
Among them, the creative work of "Design Intelligent Manufacturing Materials Research Application" by NEUNI is the most memorable.
jùxī ,zhèshì yī kuǎn rónghé kuàjiè shèjì 、xīncáiliào yìngyòng hé shùzìzhìzào děng qiányán sīwéi de zuòpǐn ,
It is reported that this is a work that integrates cutting-edge thinking such as cross-border design, new material applications and digital intelligent manufacturing.
chúle yǐ jiù bùliào 、mù 、sānwényú pí jí zhú děng rìcháng fèiliào kāifā de huánbǎo cáizhì jí chǎnpǐn ,háiyǒu yīxìliè yǐ kāfēizhā wèi yuánliào yánfā de xīncáiliào ,
In addition to environmentally friendly materials and products developed from daily waste such as old cloth, wood, salmon skin, and bamboo, there are also a series of new materials developed from coffee grounds.
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