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ID: 4201 Upper Intermediate
丧 is no longer a word associated with funerals and mourning. Find out how 丧 is used in daily conversation. “丧文化”是指一些90后的年轻人,在现实生活中,失去目标和希望,陷入颓废的状态。“你今天看起来很丧”成为了他们之间的问候语,究竟为什么会“很丧”呢?让我们走进这一课,来学习一下,“丧”这个越来越流行的多音字。 HSK lvl 5 人生 悲观 乐观 培养 HSK lvl 6 沮丧 活力 丧失 动力
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sāng upset; low spirited; depresssed
沮丧 jǔsàng dispirited; dejected; dismayed
悲观 bēiguān pessimistic
乐观 lèguān optimistic
zěnme le ,xīnqíng bùhǎo ma ?nǐ jīntiān kànqǐlai hěn sāng 。
What happened, not in a good mood? You look sad today.
rénshēng bù rúyì ,shízhībājiǔ ,sāng yìdiǎn búshi zhèngcháng de ma ?
Life is not smooth sailing, nine out of ten, is it not normal to be slightly depressed?
měicì kàndào nǐ jǔsàng de yàngzi ,wǒ dōu tì nǐ nánguò ,xiǎngyào bāng nǐ fēndān 。
Whenever you look dispirited I feel sad for you and want to help you bear your burden.
qíshí zhēn méishénme dàshì ,wǒ bùguò shì shēngxìng bēiguān bàle 。
Actually, there is nothing much, I am just pessimistic.
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