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Posted on: Home Delivery
September 04, 2013, 01:14 PM

Thanks a lot, Vera!

Posted on: Home Delivery
September 02, 2013, 12:36 PM

Why 'mei' and not 'bu' for 'not' in the 'don't see you'? I learnt that 'mei' was a negative for the past tense only? Or is it understood to mean 'I looked but couldn't see you'?

Posted on: The Tea Scam
December 07, 2012, 04:46 AM

I had a Nanjing Lu experience on my first trip to Shanghai a couple of years ago. I was looking at my map, to see if I could take a shortcut back to my hotel, when a tall, attractive and very well-endowed local young lady asked if she could help. We talked for a while (in English as well as Japanese - I used to live in Tokyo and she said she used to work for a Japanese company in Dalian) and she suggested a coffee. I said "OK, but only one coffee" and she took me to a nearby restaurant - on the 6th floor of a building, which I think had a MacDonalds on the ground floor. It was around 4 pm and the restaurant was pretty empty. We decided on tea instead and shared a pot, while chatting for 20/30 minutes. Then she spoke to the waiter and 2 whiskies suddeny appeared. I said "No, thanks", but she drank one, then spoke to the waiter and 4 more whiskies arrived! I decided it was time to go and received a bill for 1,990 RMB. I refused to pay and asked them to call the police if they had a problem with that. The manager then came over and showed me the menu and prices, but I'm pretty sure what he was showing me was the cost of whisky per bottle, not per glass. In any case, I said I'd never ordered any.

Anyway, to cut a long story (and long argument) short, I put 100 RMB on the table and said, either you take it or I leave and take it with me. After a further chat between the girl, the waiter and the manager, they decided to take it. Fortunately, there were no heavies involved.

I was sorely tempted to go back later or the next day and see if the girl was again in the street in the same place, but I didn't get round to it.