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Posted on: Farewell Dinner
November 18, 2010, 07:38 AM

Well this allays my fears. I wasn't in any way implying that Jenny was in the wrong, just freaking out a little on account of my own 听力.

Posted on: Farewell Dinner
November 17, 2010, 11:38 PM

In 祝小宁未来更美好, it sounds to me like Jenny is pronouncing the gèng as gèn ("flat" n with the tongue in the roof of the mouth, as opposed to the shortened ng where the g is almost omitted). In an even weirder twist, it sounds to me like her xīn in 新生活 is kind of half way between the n and ng.

Am I way off-base on this? Is it a dialect quirk? Do I need to wash my ears out? This kind of threw me for a loop.

Posted on: Considering an iPad
November 14, 2010, 07:29 PM

我劝你们都去买一台iPad。我四月买了一台,到现在一直把它当作一种学具用学汉语。如果你有iPhone的话,Pleco就很有用。却,用iPad的话,我认为Pleco的优点变很明显的。读书的软件让你触摸不认识的字;Pleco即刻地显那个字的意思。 特别方便。

再说,iPad也有其他的好处,比如说呢, 电池的持续时间很长,比手提电脑小,等等。


Posted on: Good Morning!
May 17, 2008, 11:02 PM

Thank you both! Reading the chinese signs is going to be a challenge, I think. All I see nǐhăo as is (diagonal, scattered F) (J meets short-legged R) (an open L on top of a J) (squiggly 7). Not the easiest to remember ;) Wǒ jiào Chris, by the way!

Posted on: Good Morning!
May 17, 2008, 10:03 PM

Hi! I've always wanted to pick up a third language (aside from Norwegian and English) and thought I'd make it Chinese! I've applied for the introductory course at the University of Oslo this coming autumn and already ordered the textbooks. However, finding ChinesePod is the most pleasant surprise imaginable! This is exactly the sort of site and concept that makes the Internet such a good learning tool. I applaud your efforts! A small question: since nǐhăo ("hello") and nǐ hăo ("you good") are essentially the same words, do you distinguish them in pronunciation, or is the difference contextual? My untrained ear couldn't hear the difference. And on a tangent: if any of you are using a European or a Norwegian keyboard, what's the easiest way to find the proper accents when writing with roman characters. I had to go rummaging through the character map (windows+run, type "charmap") to manually copy them. Thanks again!