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Posted on: The Pen and Paper Mystery
September 08, 2009, 06:35 AM

No thread needed on off-topic spaces and periods... but as a typography lover, I couldn't let this go:

Two spaces after a period are a carryover from typewriters and their monospaced letters, and is still drilled into students of typing classes. However, in professional typography, both past and present (as you'll see in pretty much any book), only one space follows a period.

Posted on: Napkins
May 03, 2009, 11:28 PM

I went to Simatai on a chilly and windy but otherwise beautiful day in March. Although the ground is mostly brown instead of green, the pics I have definitely show blue sky.. without Photoshop..

In the beginning of April, even Beijing itself had blue sky sometimes.

The LP cover still looks Photoshopped, for sure though.. it's not that blue, especially the mountains in the background...and I can't imagine summer being more blue.. it's likely to be more hazy.

Posted on: Napkins
May 03, 2009, 07:07 PM

I was just in China last month, and after not being satisfied with the service at one hotel in Beijing, my wife and I went looking around at other places in the area just to see. One of the hotels actually couldn't let us stay there because they didn't have the "foreigners can stay license"...

So I don't think it's been repealed, and it's not just in smaller places either. I'm obviously a foreigner but my wife's from Taiwan and speaks fluent Mandarin, so I don't think there was any mix ups on why we couldn't stay there. They had room, but just they couldn't let us stay there.

It wasn't the cheapest place either, but maybe if I'd have had a dirtier face and messed up hair, we wouldv'e had more luck, bodawei? ;)