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Posted on: Making people do things with 让,令,and 使
June 12, 2012, 08:07 AM

弄, It's have more than one mean. For example:

1, make : 弄点饭吃: make some food to eat

( the same like cook some food)

弄坏 : broke

他弄坏了这个玩具。 He broke the toy.

这件事要弄明白 :This thing need to figure out.

2, play : 摆弄,玩弄

这个孩子在摆弄一个玩具。 This kid is playing a toy.

3,think some way to get something : 设法弄来

我们得设法弄来证据。We need to think of a way to get the


Hi, Adamplax,

I think we need to learn Chiense words from a completely sentence.

My English is not good enough , hope you can understand.

: )