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Posted on: How have you been?
June 29, 2009, 08:07 AM

Always Chinese people say 你好 with a nod when they first meet someone,and you can answer 你好 as well.When you become good friends,you can ask'最近怎么样?'instead of'你好'.And answers can be'还不错','不怎么样'or'凑合(còu hē)',but they seldom answer'很好'.


'不在'(bú zài) . bù —>bú


To light487:

You don't need to be scared..Chinese will be very glad to see a foreigner like you to talk with them in Chinese ,even maybe not very fluently.And it can surely get you much closer.

In additon,if you just know some words but can't get them together to make a sentence.Don't worry,just say single words,and it won't be very hard to understand you for Chinese if you've said the main points.

ps:I'm from China.:)