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Posted on: Facing Bankruptcy
December 29, 2010, 06:24 AM

给我介绍一个不能感到畏惧的人,我就给你看一个傻子。Would this be the right translation for "show me a man who feels no fear and I will show you a fool"?

还有“歧视”这个词可以用来做名词吗?比如“中国社会对破产的歧视是比较浓厚” The stigma that is applied to bankruptcy is comparatively strong.


Posted on: 年轻人的生育观
December 14, 2010, 08:06 AM


Posted on: Wrong Way on the Subway
August 18, 2010, 09:04 AM

Man you guys should try Seoul at 6:30 pm.

Posted on: John and John Talk Cheese
July 26, 2010, 07:17 AM

Diddo......but Im still having some issues downloading content onto the app.