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Posted on: Guided Plan Gets Better! Plus: Poetry is Pending
January 18, 2009, 07:57 PM

Looking forward to the poetry show. My first interest in China came from the reading the Cold Mountain poems about 10 years ago (English translation of course).

Posted on: The Final Show
January 10, 2009, 05:08 AM

I first started listening to ChinesePod right around the same time Dear Amber debuted. It quickly became my favorite show mainly because I couldn't understand a lick of Chinese at the time and it presented the culture in a really fun way.

I definitely understand the need to move on and experience new things but I will miss you here. Good luck in NYC, superstar!

Posted on: Late December News
December 28, 2008, 11:48 AM

Thanks Calkins and RJ, I'll try to stop by more often.  Though I am fairly active on twitter, albeit in my native, human form.

Posted on: Late December News
December 28, 2008, 10:30 AM

There is a also a Twitter Users group here. Stop by with any twitter questions/info you might have.

Posted on: Lessons and Christmas News
December 01, 2008, 08:26 PM

Ah, ok.  I was expecting the Christmas News to be more Christmas-y, like Ken dressing up as Santa for the next video lesson.

Posted on: Do you have a cold?
December 01, 2008, 08:23 PM


The simplest way to do this is to right-click on the Lesson Transcript PDF link and select "Save Link As..." (for Firefox) or "Save Target As..." (for IE).  This will allow you to save the PDF to your computer. 

Alternatively, there are ways to configure your browser to open all PDFs in Adobe Reader as opposed to inside the browser which is what I think you are talking about.

Posted on: Lessons and Christmas News
November 30, 2008, 01:11 PM

What was the "Christmas News" as per the title?  Did I miss something?

Posted on: New Lessons, Video, and Groups
September 10, 2008, 08:38 AM

If this is going to be the new format for "News and Features", then I would prefer just a weekly blog post with this information (along with an actual ChinesePod official blog too!).  This would make the information much more discoverable by the regular users.

I understand that part of the reason for doing "News and Features" now is a promotional tease for non-subscribers but the information is just as useful for the paying folks and having it in a more convenient format would be nice.

Posted on: At the Hair Salon
September 05, 2008, 01:18 PM

As a Basic member, the PDF transcript link works but the links to download the video are grayed out.  Hovering over the download links pops up the "This is premium content" message. 

Do Basic members have the ability to download the transcript but only view the video online?

Posted on: Wait for Me Here
July 07, 2008, 02:25 PM


啊 (ā) and 呀 (yā) are used to add emotion (like surprise or regret) to a sentence .  There is a Qing Wen episode that discusses this: Ending your sentence with 啊 呀 (a ya).