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Posted on: Superman
June 22, 2009, 07:55 PM

There are two kinds of侠in chinese man who always enjoys himself and to be solitude,they may be good at using sword or have the ability of 功夫,or who is good at 功夫 and fight for the rights of everone in his country。but they are just humanbeing。so why蝙蝠侠use 侠 ?He is a man with many weapons and he is good at fighting with his fists。Superman is different because his ability is above all the humankinds and he never use weapons like a sword。超人do not use weapons and he is too strong to be called  human。蝙蝠侠’s action like 侠 in history can be called 侠,superman is a hero but he do not like a traditional chinese侠。A traditional 侠 has many triditional coats,one of them used at night is “A black loose outer garment, such as a cape with a black mask and sword in hand” It looks like 蝙蝠侠 not超人。I like superman very much but no chinese 侠 wears red mantle 。HAHA