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HI Adam,

Does only have to be used with a specific person or can it be used with a company, organisation or department?

A: 由 can also be used with a company,organization or department.

明天我们需要去银行打开活期帐户 (开帐户,here you don't need to use 打开)

糟了,我的电脑破了。不可能打开了。(It's better to say 坏了 rather than 破了。but you can say 破电脑 to express your complanit)

她有具体问题。老早上他照着具体的内行。(I don't understand the meaning, let's talk it today)

先我们讨论简单的问题,以后我们讨论具体问题。(我们先讨论。。。先 can not be used at the begining of a sentence)



他的业绩最低突出 (?)

那家公司的产品的质量最好的。由这个地方它们突出 了。(在这个方面他们很突出)

部队的大将军让动员部队 (?)

很多人动员去那个国,帮那个国的地人 (?)

她下那么多压力 (她有那么多压力/她承受那么多压力)

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July 21, 2010, 06:33 AM


FYI the English meanings for later.

她有具体问题。老早上他照着具体的内行。(I don't understand the meaning, let's talk it today)

She has a specific problem. All morning she has been trying to find an expert to help her.

特别最好的重点比最不好的重点。(?) I forgot to add the word 突出.

The two sentences were:  You should highlight the main points 'Especially the best compared to the worst points.'

他的业绩最低突出 (?) His performance stands out as being the worst.

部队的大将军让动员部队 (?)The General mobilised the army.

很多人动员去那个国,帮那个国的地人 (?)Lots of people went to that country to help the locals there.  (I think I should have used 当地人 instead of just 地人.


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Ellen for the correction at the bottom of this comment, you said I should use 把 instead of 带 which is fine I understand. Then in the expansion for Apartment Hunting there is 带 used in the sentence. So would 带 be used for people, e.g. I couldn't use 把 here?