Transcript List - Intermediate

March 31, 2013, 09:01 AM posted in Transcripts with Tal

Attached is a list of all Intermediate Transcripts I could find.

Going back three years, there is also a list of lessons that have not yet been transcribed - just in case anyone is looking to join in.

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April 01, 2013, 01:22 AM

I'm sure many appreciate your hard work, and I certainly admire your dedication with these, rwn.

Not to discourage this, and just to have a conversation...I question the actual effectiveness of the main podcasts below UI (and even many of the UI main podcasts).

I have never found them to be useful, and have always just concentrated on the dialogues.

The main reason is that the mainpodcasts are 50+% English and 30-40% grammar explanation in Chinese, at these levels. None of this is a very natural (or effective) way to learn language.

I got past intermediate without ever listening to a main podcast, and just used the dialogues only, and I used cpod as my only resource.

The most useful thing cpod could do, in my view, is have more transcripts of the advanced and media podcasts, and for the UI main podcasts (that aren't too grammar focussed). This is the biggest gap with cpod (imo).

some previous comments:




Not withstanding the above, I do appreciate that translation is an effective process for language learning, I just question the use of English and grammar - type podcasts.

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Well I am definitely getting benefit from the transcribing process, and I'm really only doing it for the benefit I am getting personally. If others also get benefit then well and good, but that is not what motivates me. The only concession I have made to other's learning is to include John's English to make the transcript easier to follow. But I have considered dropping all English from the transcriptions and focusing on the Chinese. I certainly make no effort to represent John's words accurately.

I have difficulty understanding anything from a UI podcast, and I am really not in a hurry to progress to UI - it will be another 3 years at least before I get my first opportunity to travel to China. Meanwhile I want to learn the Intermediate content as thoroughly as I can.

We all learn in different ways, and this is the way for me.